Wednesday, 30 March 2011

How to make camo netting. (for models: cheap, easy, effective)

Here be a picture of Old Bassy. I haven't used her for a while, and last game I did she let me down, killing 2 models only.

Anyway to make the camo netting this is what you do:

Items needed: Gauze bandage, synthetic lichen.

1. Cut out some gauze to fit your tank.
2. Heavily water down a green suitable to your battlefield in a ice cream container lid, or similar.
3. Dip a cut out strip of gauze in the paint.
4. Wait till dry, then glue onto tank with superglue. (or pva perhaps, but I used superglue. it leaves a bit of shine though, so use little)
5. Glue lichen onto netting. 
6. ??? glue on other foliage if you have any.
7. done.
I had my aperture value on camera 5.6. Any tips for getting nice long field of view? I have a canon g11 camera.
The only other tip I have is try and drape the netting as realistic as possible. I didn't do this here :/ This method is superior and more realistic than wire mesh or plastic mesh netting.

Next large scale game, I'll proxy this for my planned Assault Gun chimera conversion Medusa. It will have a nice low profile and bastion breachers, perfect for tank hunting :)

I want to get some Death Dorp ammo loaders to add to the back of this basilisk too.

ps: all my tanks used to have this netting applied, but I found it detracted from the awesome ash waste camo scheme. It looked fine here though.

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