Saturday, 9 April 2011

Grey Knight and Iron Warrior terminators

I painted these with a friend a while ago. We decided to go for a more morbid colour scheme. Pretty goffik, I like. Can't take them as allies anymore though. Stupid new codex....

 I also collect Iron Warriors. here are two of my nearly complete terminators (one's a lord)
I had to cut his rear leg up to get his cloak to fit on the pose I chose. (lol)

He eats fools for breakfast...lookin' at you

The hand of a traitor, who attempted to become the leader of  a group of Iron Warriors...

I still think these are the finest models ever designed by GW.

don't know how to rotate on this :S

Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists. First 40k Army I collected. sold all but him.
I took these photos with my Iphone 4. If you need a new camera for quick shots like these, and need a new phone...

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