Tuesday, 16 August 2011

BMD-1 Chimera and first paratrooper finished!!

What do you think of my first weathering powder attempt? too much? too little?

As you can see, I have used some weathering powders.
After all my problems with painting cleanly before, it turns out the paints I were using were too liquidy or didn't have enough pigmens. I used an old codex grey (5 years old maybe?) over a tamiya olive drab spray. I basecoated in chaos black, which then allowed me to drybrush gretchin green to highlight the raised areas. I used fortress grey over the codex grey.

I'm happy with the camoflauge scheme on the BMD. Suitable for urban or natural environments. I was considering using a desert yellow colour aswell, but desert yellow as we know is shit :/ I also didn't want to overwork the pattern.

As for the para I painted, I based it on this:

I need another flesh paint tone.
I painted the scheme (Knarloc Green and bleached bown blobs)
 then used a badab black wash over it. Do you think it's effective?

I can't wait to paint my Hind Valkryie now that I know how!

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