Wednesday, 24 August 2011


This battle report highlights why you never need to upgrade your valkryie to have a lascannon.

I used the army list my 1000 point VDV Russian airborne force will be.

Yes, This.
I got to trial out the new Idea for the valkryie veteran squad too.

Time is short but i'll give you chaps and lass(s)? a quick battle report. Forgot my canon, pics from Iphone.

Opponent takes first turn: my 4 chimeras deploy.

We both move up the table. the enemies armour and basilisk stun two of my tanks.

A scout sentinel attacks! Luckily it failed.

sentinel comes-a-huntin.

A leman russ stuns my chimera. I decide to dismount the melta squad.

The squad runs to cover

The sole survivor of my chimeras heavy flamer and squads guns lobs a demo charge. Boom!

Just in time for the hellhound to incinerate then gun down the survivors!

The basilisk which destroyed my vendetta (which arrived on turn 4) gets popped by a multilaser shot from my outflanking valkryie.

At the same time the Squad armed with 2x plasma and a flamer and carapace armour annihilates the enemy HQ squad.

The surviving chimera (the other is immobilised and 2 destroyed) pops smoke. in the next turn Marbo appears and fails to detonate my tank. he then dies by melta.


The chimera wounded a missile launcher team (multilaser again) and the rest fled. My valk squad remounts and later tries to kill the guard squad. It fails this time due to good saves. A lone surivor of another chimera squad tries to flame the ratlings but fails. Previously he scared them away.

SO to sum it up: (My opponent had a handicap due to not having a proper army and not having played for a while so I lent him additional points worth of troops not used by me) 6 kill points to 6.

If I can remember correctly I killed Marbo, a command squad, a leman russ, a basilisk, a missile launcher team and a sentinel
My opponent killed a guard squad or two , 2 chimeras, a vendetta, and something else.

It was an awesome game, and I was getting thrashed first half of the game, and then my valkryie and spec ops squad killed 3 kill points for me, saving my force from defeat.
I blame the poor start on...sheer enemy fire-power? And my reserves didn't come till turn 3 and 4. Which I guess is normal, but the enemy had most of his force on the table.
I guess my army doesn't have many targets and men to withstand a beating.

Friday, 19 August 2011

1/2 of Mil-Mi 24 'Hind' Valkryie proxy completed

What else should I do to it? I'm going to add yellow warning bits on the rear rotor, some insignia and more weathering. I need to also paint the windscreens and steel around the cotpit. What colours should I paint the glass? Thoughts? It won't be as weathered as my BMD-1.


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sgt. with Partizan camo.

40k scaled version of this:

 Same style as my veterans in my Steel Legion army. Partizan is a copy of flektarn and flektarn is a copy of some of the SS camo in WWII if I am correct. I really like these patterns. Effective and complex (I have tried out flektarn in the bush in australia and it's even good there, but would be amazing if the colours were better suited)

Additional BMD-1 Chimera Weathering

Some of this will come off.

Here are the before additional shots again :

Granted, the light is different, but I added another colour of powder and added more.
Please comment if you have an opinion.
Also, how do you use white spirit to weather? I saw a bit on a forgeworld PDF but if anyone has some nice tips It would be appreciated.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

BMD-1 Chimera and first paratrooper finished!!

What do you think of my first weathering powder attempt? too much? too little?

As you can see, I have used some weathering powders.
After all my problems with painting cleanly before, it turns out the paints I were using were too liquidy or didn't have enough pigmens. I used an old codex grey (5 years old maybe?) over a tamiya olive drab spray. I basecoated in chaos black, which then allowed me to drybrush gretchin green to highlight the raised areas. I used fortress grey over the codex grey.

I'm happy with the camoflauge scheme on the BMD. Suitable for urban or natural environments. I was considering using a desert yellow colour aswell, but desert yellow as we know is shit :/ I also didn't want to overwork the pattern.

As for the para I painted, I based it on this:

I need another flesh paint tone.
I painted the scheme (Knarloc Green and bleached bown blobs)
 then used a badab black wash over it. Do you think it's effective?

I can't wait to paint my Hind Valkryie now that I know how!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

VDV Paratrooper Imperial guard progress.

I'll let the pics speak for themselves. I think you now get the gist of my goal. Ps never greenstuffed before. I cut the hands fingers griping the Lasguns of and stuck it on a greenstuff wrist and thumb I made.

I really need a tripod...

The heads...look a little small. what do you think? I'm happy enough to use them.


Friday, 12 August 2011

Russian heads have arrived + Feindflug

As you can see, the 'heroic' scaled games worskhop Cadian faces are wider, and the helmet itself far more chunky than the Russian heads. They look alright on the soldiers body. And hopefully a lot better when finished.

Tomorrow I just need to buy greenstuff and super-glue and I can begin work on building my first squad.

I also had the idea of keeping one squad with Cadian heads, sculpting them into K6-3 helmets and give them knee pads.  They'll have carapace armour, 2 plasmas, a flamer, and a ride in my valkryie and use them to assault objectives. I'll also give them backpacks because they can't keep their gear in a BMD like everyone else....

I've also decided to give the Dragunovs to 'Ratlings' instead of a vet squad...they'll be moving too much to use them anyway.

PS check out this fantastic song. If you like tanks which you probably do, this song matches them perfectly. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Battle testing, Mil-Mi 24 Test colour scheme.

Midgame. SO many things exploded.
Had a couple of battles. I have now tested my 1000pt VDV army list.

It seems to perform well. I have no problem killing tanks at least, the army having a vendetta and 9X Melta guns. 

I played a non conventional game: My 1000pt IG army, Vs another 1000pt IG force which included a leman russ, 2x valkryies, a chimera, stormtroopers with lord commissar and veterans.
There was another force with 2 Leman Russes, a rhino, and 11 space marines Including a captain. (these belonged to a new player, who was defending an objective worth 3 Vps, and the 2 other objectives were only one each.

 I managed to kill all the Imperial Guard armour as well as the space marine russes. (the Hind valkryie killed a leman russ via multilaser shots to the rear armour! :D (I had a lot of good luck though)
There were two survivors by the end of the game: A lone space marine and a wounded Lord Commissar. I had an immobilised vendetta contesting the IG players objective, my valkryie was contesting the Space marines 3pt value one and my chimera full of meltavets was on my objective. Unfortunately the commissar ran 6" and contested the one I held. Draw! GG too.

However I need a bit of fine tuning. The vet unit riding in the valkryie has this:

Plasma gun, Flamer, Autocannon, Forward Sentries
Their role is to either deploy on an objective on foot, while the rest of my force moves forward. But I'm not sure this is wise, as they''ll get smashed in assault. I think since my valk usually outflanks they should ride in it almost always, as mobile objective takers. 
might scrap the auto cannon and forward sentries and arm them with 2x plasma and a flamer.

so Plasma gun x2, carapace armour, flamer for 135pts. I figure they'll be able to attack the rear armour of tanks due to their mobility, they could kill some MEQ or hard units, flame weak ones, and maybe the carapace armour will be help them survive to contest or take an objective once they deploy. 
Below are pics of another battle. 
Hind test paintjob...Going to undercoat it green I think.