Wednesday, 24 August 2011


This battle report highlights why you never need to upgrade your valkryie to have a lascannon.

I used the army list my 1000 point VDV Russian airborne force will be.

Yes, This.
I got to trial out the new Idea for the valkryie veteran squad too.

Time is short but i'll give you chaps and lass(s)? a quick battle report. Forgot my canon, pics from Iphone.

Opponent takes first turn: my 4 chimeras deploy.

We both move up the table. the enemies armour and basilisk stun two of my tanks.

A scout sentinel attacks! Luckily it failed.

sentinel comes-a-huntin.

A leman russ stuns my chimera. I decide to dismount the melta squad.

The squad runs to cover

The sole survivor of my chimeras heavy flamer and squads guns lobs a demo charge. Boom!

Just in time for the hellhound to incinerate then gun down the survivors!

The basilisk which destroyed my vendetta (which arrived on turn 4) gets popped by a multilaser shot from my outflanking valkryie.

At the same time the Squad armed with 2x plasma and a flamer and carapace armour annihilates the enemy HQ squad.

The surviving chimera (the other is immobilised and 2 destroyed) pops smoke. in the next turn Marbo appears and fails to detonate my tank. he then dies by melta.


The chimera wounded a missile launcher team (multilaser again) and the rest fled. My valk squad remounts and later tries to kill the guard squad. It fails this time due to good saves. A lone surivor of another chimera squad tries to flame the ratlings but fails. Previously he scared them away.

SO to sum it up: (My opponent had a handicap due to not having a proper army and not having played for a while so I lent him additional points worth of troops not used by me) 6 kill points to 6.

If I can remember correctly I killed Marbo, a command squad, a leman russ, a basilisk, a missile launcher team and a sentinel
My opponent killed a guard squad or two , 2 chimeras, a vendetta, and something else.

It was an awesome game, and I was getting thrashed first half of the game, and then my valkryie and spec ops squad killed 3 kill points for me, saving my force from defeat.
I blame the poor start on...sheer enemy fire-power? And my reserves didn't come till turn 3 and 4. Which I guess is normal, but the enemy had most of his force on the table.
I guess my army doesn't have many targets and men to withstand a beating.

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