Friday, 12 August 2011

Russian heads have arrived + Feindflug

As you can see, the 'heroic' scaled games worskhop Cadian faces are wider, and the helmet itself far more chunky than the Russian heads. They look alright on the soldiers body. And hopefully a lot better when finished.

Tomorrow I just need to buy greenstuff and super-glue and I can begin work on building my first squad.

I also had the idea of keeping one squad with Cadian heads, sculpting them into K6-3 helmets and give them knee pads.  They'll have carapace armour, 2 plasmas, a flamer, and a ride in my valkryie and use them to assault objectives. I'll also give them backpacks because they can't keep their gear in a BMD like everyone else....

I've also decided to give the Dragunovs to 'Ratlings' instead of a vet squad...they'll be moving too much to use them anyway.

PS check out this fantastic song. If you like tanks which you probably do, this song matches them perfectly. 

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