Friday, 18 February 2011

Enter 8th Steel Legion

I have started this blog primarily to show pictures of my Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Guard Army to let others see them. Because I like looking at pictures, so I thought I would share some pictures as thanks to the internet.

I have collected Imperial Guard since about 2002. I then saw some Armageddon Steel Legion in a white dwarf and have collected them ever since. I started with some storm troopers painted in a desert scheme, based on the Australian Army desert cam.

I was, many years ago, inspired by the german army in WWII and thought it would be heaps cool to paint my tanks grey with Iron crosses, but since maturing have scrapped this clique idea. I'm a Social Libertarian anyway (In case you might think I have Nazi tendencies :P ) and I am in the progress of repainting my tanks and finishing the existing infantry.

I have around 2000 points in my army, and I plan on a few more purchases and a re-organising of my force. I'll Document all that here in the months to come and a guide on how I painted my version of the Steel Legion Camo Scheme.
Over and out.

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