Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Battle Report MK II

Today I fought a Necron army. 750pts.
It consisted of:

Necron destroyer lord with 2 wraiths
3 wraiths
12 necron warriors
12 necron warriors 

While I had my usual 750pt army

It was a Seize Ground Pitched Battle  and I had the first turn.

I deployed with my platoon command and one of my platoon squads as a merged unit, my command squad and the heavy bolter veteran squad in the centre of the table, guarding my objective. (Imperial guardsmen guarding LOL!!!11!1) 
My three Mech units deployed on my right flank, eager to take the objectives on that side.

The necrons deployed in a bunch.
For my first  two turns I moved my chimeras 6" to shoot at mine enemy necron wraiths.
Said enemy moved down my left flank.
 See that nice squad on my left?
Wraiths ate it :(  I actually destroyed the 3 wraith squad with concentrated chimera and infantry fire, including my commands squad plasma guns and missile launcher. 2 of them resurrected with the lords squad to make a very potent unit.

On my 3rd turn I moved my veterans to shoot at the wraiths. I moved my chimeras full 12" because I realised I should put pressure on the foe. I should have moved like that on turn 2 I think. Only after my First squad had died and my whole army threatened did I realise it isn't good to be static.
Veterans try to shoot the enemy a bit

While my chimeras start my offense (shot taken in turn 3 of necrons, my vets didn't kill anything)
My command squad stayed put to shoot the necron warriors (who don't get 3+ invulnerable saves) but I misjudged 24" before I actually called my shots on them. So one plasma only shot the death unit of lord and wraiths. Nuff said.

In the necron turn 3 the death unit assaulted and annihilated my command squad. The necron lord had broken off to challenge my tanks. He was out of charge range thankfully. 

Vets in trouble. wraiths keep dodging their fire and using the building for cover.
In my turn 4 I did some good things.
I turned my chimeras around to face their rear threats, moving 6". I opened fire on the wraiths with 2, flamers, a multilaser, two heavy stubbers, a heavy flamer, and 8 lasguns. My veteran squad shot with their las and grenade launcher. I 'killed' three wraiths finally!

The veteran squad in the top chimera blasted the necron lord in the face with three melta shots and got two wounds. He died. For real.
I guess my previous decision to move 12" was a good one...

Now in the Necron turn 4, two wraiths got up, and proceeded to shred my veterans in spite. They picked the wrong target I think.
The warriors meanwhile, decided to do something, and they stunned my veteran chimera.

These wraiths will pay
In my turn 5 I activated my vet chimeras smoke launchers. My two regular armoured fist squads killed the wraiths, by the hair on their necks.
Smoke is nice

I contemplated tank shocking or shooting the top warrior, squad, but decided to withdraw to an objective to the east
In necron turn 5 they shot and immobilised a chimera. That was actually a crucial moment. The smoke had saved my vet chimera from more gauss.

(At this point in writing, I am rather confused, because the later turns I can remember all seem to be a turn later than I thought they were. we may have accidentally had two turn 4s. I think so. next time I will take photos only at the end of turns)

In my turn 6 I moved my chimera 6", to rotate and disembark and run my guard infantry squad to an objective. I then shot the chimera at the enemy warrior squad. 
My vet chimera moved flat out towards another objective. The immobilised chimera and it's meaty contents kept firing at the warriors. 

 Necron turn 6 = shaken chimera

In turn 7 (?) I disembarked my squad to try and distract and kill the warrior squad that is in running distance of an objective. The other was sitting on one. I positioned my empty chimera to support the troops in this objective. I only killed one. 
My veterans drove up to the other objective and disembarked to take it, while the chimera shot as-well at the warriors.
"Objective secured!"

The stoic chimera gunner reverts to his heavy stubber after the primary armament was destroyed
Unfortunately, the warriors ran close enough to seize another objective.

The game ended with 2 objectives each.

I am highly pleased. This is my first non defeat of the year after all.

And without that immobilised result I would have had a chance at taking three objectives! WOAHHHH I just remembered you can contest objectives. I should have disembarked my immobilised infantry squad in turn 6, ran them behind my chimera for cover, then in turn 7 charged them into the warrior squad on an objective, thus contesting their objective!!! oh well. I feel even better now, knowing I could have won!

I think I have learnt to play more offensively. And not deploying half my army in reserve seemed to help.

If you know of any mistakes I made, feel free to comment. You don't need an account to comment either :)



  1. Nice work; noble victory!

    And I absolutely love that last pic, too - you should send it to Bell of Lost Souls...

    Onwards the Guard!

  2. Thanks a lot! you are a very kind commentator.
    I don't have an account there. maybe...

    For Armageddon!!