Monday, 11 April 2011

First Tournament Match: 500pts

Soviet armour is sexy...I'm going to convert some...

2v2 500pt battle. Everything went better than expected...

I ran:
Hq with plasma, 
platoon hq with 2x grenade launchers
and in 3 Chimeras: 
Flamer infantry squad x2, and melta vets.

My Eldar Allies ran:
Yriel with 10 stormguardians
9 dire avengers with exarch
Fire Prism

Enemy Guard ran:
Basic HQ
Basic un-upgraded Infantry platoon x2
Armoured fist squad
Leman Russ with heavy bolter sponsons and lascannon

Enemy Orks ran:
Mek with shock attack gun in a grot artillery unit with 3x cannons
20 boyz
A helicopter thing with TL rockkits
2 Killer Kans

We deployed in table quarters. we had first turn in a sieze ground mission. 
turn 2- just moving forward as quick as possible.

Chimeras moved up 12" turn 2, the important melta vet one behind.

And popped smoke to be extra safe

Other chimera moves up towards ork forces. The Boyz flank, heading for the objective (blue thing on the fan)

The Fire Prism kills 6 or so guardsmen, and in another turn destroys the enemy chimera. The guardsmen bail out and head for the objective to the west.

In turn 3 the enemy killer kan kills a chimera. I actually shot its friend kan with an explosion that killed some guard, with a multilaser from the chimera closet to camera. The enemy russ kills the fire prism :(

The melta vets immobilise and stun the russ 2 turns in a row

eldar move up, orks now hold an objective. My other chimera moves another 12" to try distract the enemy and not be killed in combat, then pops smoke

It didn't work, because the cannons immobilised it, so the kan hit automatically in combat

these troopers are absolute legends: making all their armour saves in two turns after getting hurt from the exploding chimera. In the background, the melta vets disembarked their chimera, so they could use krak if melta failed. the chimera goes off to flush the enemy guard off an objective. The melta guns fail but a krak grenade destroys the demolisher as predicted! :)

They shoot up a grot gunner (those grey things are artillery)

I (heavy) flamed a platoon command squad and a regular squad last turn. the command squad fled, and I tank shocked these survivors of the line squad, and they fled the table :)

My legends in the middle of this photo survive 3 cannon shots (missed) and many las shots. They then flame and shoot up several guardsmen. The killer kan charges my veterans who killed the demolisher, and two survive.

My eldar allies join the fray, and my krak armed trooper destroys the kans dreadnought's weapon. Yriel gets a one and a 2 to hurt the can :(

More fighting against the kan. we win, thanks to yriel. The dire avengers charge the Orks after shooting them a bit. They lose combat and run :/
 So, my platoon command squad, who did nothing all game, capture one objective up our table end. Our victories veteran and Eldar storm guardians capture the objective in the sandbags in the centre of the table. The flanking Orks capture the objective to the side after defending it from the Avengers. The guard infantry platoon and the grots who hung at the back capture the objective in their DLZ.

So what did I learn? 
Getting up in your enemies face is very good. Most of the battle was up near the enemy table edge. If my Eldar comrade had some faster troops I think perhaps me might have broken the enemies back. But I'm not sure. If I had another heavy flamer on my chimera that was near the orks who flanked, I could have softened them up enough for the Avengers to finish them. But instead I send that squad up to annoy the enemy, and Distract them. With good luck, even with the destroyed chimera, the men survived amazingly for two more turns and they even threatened the platoon sitting on an objective!

One of my opponents said that the Russ held took a lot of attention from their troops. It's true. I spent three turns with my melta vets shooting and fighting it. If I killed it in 2 turns, I would have secured another objective for us (the one the chimera opened up) so perhaps I need to find another 10 points for 3x meltas for that squad. But If I didn't kill the Russ, I hate to think what it would have done to us, so i didn't really have an option.

I think heavy flamers are great now. I have one I'll add to my chimera with the heavy bolter :)

For the 2nd battle (only had time for 3 turns) i fought a small space wolves army.

I moved up my chimeras, and in 2nd turn shot the space marines up. They failed many saves. It was more or less a repeat of my last match against marines. They don't have enough men to stand up to my force at 500pts. If we played for another turn I would have won, so my opponent granted me moral victory.

They had some dude with a harsh wind that killed some people, and a squad killed a chimera with krak. I killed all but one of the other squad with 2x chimeras and men, and the squad that killed my chimera lost a few men to plasma and melta guns.

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