Saturday, 2 April 2011

Medusa assault gun Idea

Going to make a Medusa using the far cheaper chimera and perhaps a pen or similar object for the barrel of the gun. Any ideas what would be a good barrel?
My Medusa will look like this, but it won't have the extra armour and will have a longer barrel. I'll give it a pintle mounted heavy flamer and bastion breacher shells and an enclosed crew compartment. This will be one of my anti tank units. Additional benefits from this cheap conversion will be a nice low profile.
I have wanted to do this since the latest codex, and having seen some other assault gun Medusa's, I think it's the way to go! Please excuse the blurry picture, still trying to work out my camera (besides auto mode).


  1. You could get a baneblade and use some of spare gun part to make it, others some plastic tubing or some sort of piping might work... If you have a manufactorum piece u could make a sort of gun barrel out of the parts that make the pipe...

    dont know about anything else... hope this helps

  2. Don't know if this is any help...:

  3. @ DimmyL - yeah I think I have part of the manufactorum, thanks for reminding me!
    I will never buy a baneblade though, (unless an old FW one like this as I hate the model, namely all the rivets.

    @Drax- It will help a lot if you say what the hexagonal tubing is made of :)