Sunday, 3 April 2011

Off Topic: My favourite Industrial Music Project.

F/A/V is the artist. (F-ing and Vomiting)
Industrial/Breakbeat/Electropunk/whatever from Germany.
I have never heard anything like this act. 
:wumpscut: is the closest, but this is far more multilayered and complex, and sophisticated. (Although old :W: is that too)

You can download the first F/A/V album for free off the band website. I own all three albums :)
(go to music then download the individual files off the album 'Miscellaneous')
The myspace is here, if you want to listen to more.

The first album is more gritty and raw, the second is similar, and this is from the last album, which is the most accessible. This song is the most accessible of all tracks IMO.

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