Friday, 8 April 2011

Sniper conversion

Yeah I don't paint eyes. no-one sees them anyway on the table top :P he looks kind of sleepy
Nothing special.
I made this by cutting in half the binoculars from the old IG tank accessory frame. don't know if the new ones have it. 
I decided to include a sniper in each of my static veteran squads. They hold objectives and provide fire support. I thought occasionally a sniper may pin a squad or wound a monster. They are aesthetically pleasing too.

I'll let you know how effective they once I have finished a local club tournament. It starts next Monday :)



  1. great conversion! and good luck with the snipers mine only seem to be useless - in my experience they create wounds but these are then promptly saved so...

  2. Thanks mate! so easy to do too. Have your snipers ever pinned a squad? what's in your army?

  3. I only have one squad of them as the "specialists option" and pinning isn't easy to do if you don't kill anyone lol

  4. lets hope I roll a 6 to wound then ;)

    check this out:

    BMD-2. 1:35 scale. I'm gonna use one for a chimera. I love soviet vehicles. I wish I based my army on 70's and 90's soviets...