Sunday, 22 May 2011

Slight VDV Progress (forced from fear) + Army list help?

Thanks to GW's vile embargo on my country to buy from Maelstrom (only store I buy from) I have just purchased 30 cadians and a command squad to try and save money (In the long run). Once I also summon the funds and courage to buy the resin AK-74's and russian heads I'll have hours of fun these holidays beginning to paint my veterans.
I don't mean that sarcastically either...I hate painting infantry, but with allt he different camo schemes I'm going to paint this should actually be fun. Expect a decent VDV update in about a month.

Tomorrow I go for the 3rd match of the local club tournament. 1000 pts doubles.
AND I have 250pts to spend on additions to the following:

750 Point Army

Company Command Squad-
Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon, Plasma Gun x2

Platoon Command Squad
Power Sword, 2x Grenade Launcher

Infantry Squad

Infantry Squad
Flamer, Chimera ML/HF/HS

Infantry squad
Flamer, Chimera ML/HB/HS


Veteran Squad
Meltagun x2, flamer, Chimera ML/HF


Heavy Support

Leman Russ Demolisher, Lascannon, Heavy Stubber

Total= 754

It performed decently, and I was pleased. My question is, do I have enough troops? If yes, I'll add a regular russ and give some upgrades to my men such as an officer of the fleet and more special/heavy weapons
If no, I can either have a 3xmelta vet chimera squad and upgrades
A vendetta and a 3xmelta vet squad + upgrades. 
what would work best?

Ps, if your bored, watch/listen to this.

Pps I'm the opposite of a nazi :)


  1. I would add another troop but, since you're only taking one leman russ and it's a higher points level I would probably add the second Russ - one will be constantly stunned/shaken and unable to do stuff, two will mean one will always be able to cause damage unless they totally ignore everything else

    although the idea of the vendetta sounds good too

  2. If it were me I would drop the flamers for grenade launchers, just because they are longer ranged and usually allow for more shots to be taken in a game. I think you should have enough troops, especially considering your team mate will have some too. Take the Leman Russ, you can never have enough of them.

  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate your help.
    Okay, LR it is :)

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