Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Steel Legion sentinel with space marine plasma cannon

Tag kameraden!

I have been busy with uni assignments lately, but I plan to choose a colour scheme for my VDV force and paint the BMD-1. Thinking something like Catachan green with khaki, but we'll see.

I brought some fucking magnets, 3 mil x 3 mil. They were a little big to magnetise my vendetta (I want to try out a valkryie with rocket pods) but I cut up an old space marine devastator plasma cannon and magnetised it.

I'm in favour of a scheme for my armour like the on on this Mil Mi, but I'm not sure how I can get such a clean camo finish, without buying an expensive airbrush.  Or should I just go ahead and invest in one? Not a fan of the GW ones, as they are not sustainable. In any case, I think I will use tamiya or another of those scale model brand spray paints to undercoat instead of chaos black. That way I don't have to paint the basecoat.




    This is just about the best value you can get when buying an airbrush. If you shop around I'm sure you can find some variant of this for less money. I got the same compressor with a little different set of nozzles and brush for $150 last year. It works great, and was really worth it.

  2. Thanks Officer. That's quite a reasonable price indeed.
    First I'll test out my colour scheme with a mere brush, and if it's okay, i'll leave it at that. But if not.... ;)