Sunday, 8 May 2011

What the fark am I doing wrong?

HELP! I sprayed my BMD-1 with tamiya colour spray. I didn't use a primer, as apparently you don't need to as the spray itself primes.

I have practically zero experience painting flat colour on tanks. My steel legion armour was easy because it was dry-brushing a lighter colour over black. This time, I am not dry-brushing, merely painting a darker colour over a lighter one (camo and catachan green over khaki) but the thing is, it looks like shit. If I do a single coat the lighter khaki shows through the brush strokes. If I use more paint/ do layers it's too thick and also shit.

The catachan green doesn't even drybrush well at all...

thick and horrible

I'm requesting help on what to do. Do I just add more thin layers and build it up, or buy an air brush.
Also, in either case, to get clean lines for my camo patches I have to mask with blutack /putty right? How do my Imperial Guard comrades paint their camo (if their scheme is dark over light basecoat?)?


  1. hmmm, yes try using tape, and usually what happens is you paint the whole thing the darker colour you want, then put tape on it and then paint the lighter colour... try basecoating the whole thing with the green, and then paint the camo patches khaki...

    Don't know anything else you could do, sorry.

  2. You might also try spraying again using the lighter color, but from further away. This will mute the darker overcolors, 'blend' them all into one layer, so to speak, and also have a weathering effect like it was driving through fine sand of the same color as you base coat. Not necessarily a bad thing.

    This might be a last resort though, because I'm not sure how the different types of paint you are using will react to such use.

  3. You need to use thinner coats, water you paint down slightly and apply multiple coast to build up the color.

  4. Buy the airbrush. Trying to use thin coats of GW paints does not work out any better than thick coats.

  5. thanks! I'll try those ideas out. It was really frustrating for me to see this happen.