Thursday, 21 April 2011

Planning to make my Paratroopers. small!

 Today I saw a 16yo girl who slashed her wrists, another 16yo with cardiac problems, a man with a messed up back from an industrial elevator compressing his spine, and other sick and dying people.
Pretty sad.

Back to blog, I am just examining what products are available to help me shake off the Cadian look a bit. I'll include a mix of Cadian and Russian gear, to highlight the ragtag equipment veterans have (and Russian ones especially)
It's bad luck to go into combat berets them on (in the VDV) but It will help Identify my NCO's. 

From Redstar Minitures, a great new company. Modern Ruskie helms.
These are mainly Interior Ministry Troop heads (MVD)..I may use a couple though. Perhaps for Spetsnaz?
Maxmini aks...I'll have mostly these, but some lasguns too.

Dragunov. I only have one sniper in my army list. But perhaps I could do up some 'Ratlings'

I'll give my flamer vet squad these. Maxmini again.

If I cut the box things of regular cadian helmets, it will look like this. But should I just leave the helmets?

I can convert the cadian helmet to be a K6-3. Only problem is, doesn't fit with airborne theme. WAY too heavy.

I'll use a few berets, for my srgts.

Revell 1:48 Mil-Mi 24 'Hind'. THIS!!! Will probably buy this after some Cadians and the bitz seen on this page.

With regards to the valk/vendetta conversion, should I get some TL lascannons and a multilaser? To 40kify it a bit more? I'm still going to keep the rotor blades. I don't think I need to convert the rocket pods (see pic). Perhaps I can convert the nose machine gun to be a multilaser. Otherwise it can be cut back. The equipment on my real vendetta snapped off.
See this page for Images of Russian equipment.



  1. Looking forward to seeing this army realised. Are you going to replicate the mix of camo schemes in that link? Everyting from leaf to flectern to tiger stripes.

  2. yeah me too! I'll try spend 40 dollars a week on it :P
    I won't replicate it all, and I'll invent some based on those camos too. After all, It's still supposed to be in the 40k universe.

    For once, I'm looking forward to painting infantry.
    I have a flektarn jacket (wearing it atm, it's cold) and I'm very pleased to see that the Ruskies appropriated it. My steel legion camo is done in the same method too.