Saturday, 16 April 2011

Russian BMD-1 Chimera WIP

Yo! The Russians want their eagle back!

He said he was starting a Russian Ground Forces IG army...and it happened!

Spend ages looking on the internet to see if I could find a BMP-2 that was the right size. But BMP's are larger than BMD's in 1:35 scale, and they looked too short in 1:48 scale.

So here is my WIP BMD-1 chimera! Looks so good. Was a bitch to make though. GW models don't have as much fine detail either. Theirs is more appropriate for wargaming, It's bolder and less fine.
This is the first non-GW kit I made.
It was a bit hard because the chassis was bent, and it took ages for the glue to fix it.
I used  Revel plastic glue, for the first proper time ever. works a charm.

I have to come up with an idea for a top hatch that looks good, and a rear door. Perhaps a better way to give it a heavy flamer too.

Putting the multilaser in the turret took a little bit of thought, but was easy. all I did was glue bits of sprue and plasticard to create a sort of wedge to keep it in place. I didn't glue it, so It can actually elevate, like the normal chimeras.

here is the KIT I used, and pics.

Slightly longer than a chimera, and lower, and narrower. So more side shots, and easier to hide, in some circumstances.

Need to convert the back, to have a door.

I need to glue the tracks down onto the idlers somehow...

I don't mind the flamer really :)


  1. Nice job. I look forward to seeing how you do the rest of the army. What color will you be painting the vehicles? They will be a separate army from your Steel Legion, right?

  2. Thanks BoxerSaint!
    I was thinking, similar to this, actually:

    I might have to buy a spray gun, because I won't be drybrushing the armour. I want them to have a good clean look, and then maybe even use weathering pigments. so much to learn...

    And yes, a seperate army. I'm going to reuse my storm troopers, and perhaps repaint the desert camo cadians into a russian scheme.

  3. It's like the perfect size. The flamer looks odd there. You don't mind it, but if it were me I would make it on top of the hull. Down there it's gonna catch on anything the vehicle rolls over and is more prone to being shorn away.

    It looks cool overall though.

  4. good points comrade...
    the thing is, the to of the hull is angled so litte its practically placing it would require some sort of housing, which would obstruct the turret.
    Or i could cut away a part of the front,but I would probably mess it up.

    I think ill position it higher on the underside next time.


  5. Yeah, you'd have to cut the hull to go on top.
    Nice work overall man.

  6. That is an awesome idea mate, and a great conversion!

  7. Thanks guys. It wasn't my idea though, I wanted to do a russian themed army recently, and then I saw keberosw40k post a pic of his BMD.